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A Simple Lesson Learned From Window Cleaning – Of All Things!

As you all know, Bendigo Patter Maker’s are closely related to the logistics industry. We collaborate with thousands of shipping companies and tens of thousands of shipments each year. As you can imagine, the cost of doing business at this level is quite significant and we are always looking for ways to improve our business image and cut costs at the same time.

Our head offices needed some sprucing up. So we had an interior decorator come in a start moving things around. It didn’t take long for things to start looking much fresher. However, we quickly realized that there was a major part of our offices that the interior decorator couldn’t fix for us – the windows. Now cleaning windows would normally be a challenge – but it is for us since we are on the 38th floor!

So we started searching for qualified window cleaners in the Perth area. Not just qualified as in certificates etc, but ones that had a proven record for cleaning high-rise windows safely and effectively. Their methods and equipment also had to meet with government approval. Doesn’t sound like much to ask, but in our beautiful city of Perth, it wasn’t easy! We ended up going with company called CCC.

They did a great job needless to say. And we are happy with the work. What really impressed us was that they were able to work around our busy office and the cost at the end of it all was very reasonable. We are now using them as our contracted window cleaners.

Having an attractive office both inside and out has helped improve our work, efficiency and effectiveness. Our dedicated team of Patter Making professionals appreciated the money we invested in getting things organized. Yes, it did add to our running expenses for the month, but we have already earned double that back in staff moral and productivity.

You might think this isn’t worth making an article about, but we thought it is. While so many businesses are focusing on new methods and markets, we wanted to bring something simple to the table and remind you all of how going back to basics can actually improve things faster than trying to re-invent the wheel!

As a token of appreciation for our window cleaners, we said that we would put up a short video for them which explains what they do.